All around the United States, local Boy Scouts Councils (and others) are selling nature-based campuses. There are currently properties listed in California, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Washington, Oregon, and more.

Each of these properties has its own character, affordances and utilities, including campsites, commercial kitchens, dining pavilions, swimming pools, horse barns & corrals, residences & more - and community who have cherished memories there. They wonโ€™t be on the market long.

What if we bought them as a DAO?*

*decentralized autonomous organization

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Crypto Commons $CAMP

The Crypto Commons $CAMP ecosystem is a mission-driven decentralized organization focused on reclaiming land for stewardship and regenerative culture. 

We're starting with the purchase and development of a flagship property - a large nature-based campus on the West Coast within striking distance of a major city, which we are in negotiations to acquire. We envision our flagship Crypto Commons $CAMPus acting as a cornerstone within a wider network of nature-based and micro-campuses for self-directed learning, regenerative community and economic empowerment.

By purchasing and holding our crypto token, $CAMP, or any Crypto Commons NFTs, you will have membership in the land we acquire, a say in its governance, future developments, and of course - premium access to its natural beauty and common facilities.

This is your chance to participate in a bold experiment in grassroots land stewardship and collaborative governance. Join us to maintain nature-based access and learning for generations to come.


The $CAMP Ecosystem

Our first initiative is to develop a slate of nature-based land assets through tokenization of membership, usage rights and governance - the $CAMP ecosystem.


land assets the DAO intends to purchase, develop and steward
$CAMP Token

our initial fundraising mechanism and unit of common exchange

an expression of membership in a local campus and roles within the network

voting members who hold NFTs / a minimum amount of $CAMP


our virtual community and collaboration space and knowledge base

$CAMPers will play an influential role in decisions like land acquisition, land use, budgets, stewardship roles & responsibilities. They will help decide what facilities will be built, what types of experiences and products are offered, and the regenerative systems design that support its intended use.

For more info, read our white paper.

Crypto Commons $CAMP
Whitepaper V.1



The $CAMPuses

Our goal is to build community around land-based Commons campuses dedicated to p2p learning, regenerative culture, alternative economies and decentralized governance. 

Each $CAMPus stewarded by the Crypto Commons DAO will be governed in collaboration with allies, members, residents and partners, with the network acting as a community-centered force for value-creation and preservation.

Our target properties all have a unique personality, but share much common utility, including:


By unifying citizens, local staff, board members, stakeholders and local organizations around the shared stewardship of a land asset, the Crypto Commons can serve as a platform for diverse communities to organize around a shared vision and mission.


$CAMP Roadmap

Our timeline is contingent upon market conditions and certain milestones intrinsic to a phased development of the Crypto Commons DAO and our flagship $CAMPus.

That said, as anyone who has large real estate deals know, timing and leverage to negotiate are key to successful acquisitions. Generating a โ€œPeace Chest" - a treasury of community-sourced funds - enables us to financially lock in high-value properties, and execute on the Crypto Commonsโ€™ long-term vision.

Decentralized governance ensures that $CAMP holders can guide Crypto Commons strategy regarding utilizing the peace chest, once the first property is acquired, to develop that property and/or continue to acquire other properties.